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I'm the Principal Data Scientist with the City of Boston.

I bring a creative research-oriented perspective to my data science work, drawing on my background in particle physics and experience in the world of conservation policy to drive social impact projects for the city.

Ongoing projects include:

  • modeling and forecasting COVID-19 impact on city services (workforce, food access, mobility)

  • predictive modeling for homeless shelter reform,

  • clustering rideshare activity to prioritize locations for pick-up/drop-off zones,

  • founding and spearheading the City of Boston's Ethical Data Working Group

  • sentiment analysis of press coverage of the mayor's legislative agenda,

  • and many more!



My physics research has focused on two topics:

Jet physics is the study of collimated sprays of energy produced in particle collisions.  Jets are fundamentally useful tools for managing collision products, performing a census on the particles involved, and tracing backward to the interesting dynamics of the collision's origin.  I believe constructed objects like jets can serve as a model for other, less spacial, data structures.


Supersymmetry has been developed over the last half-century to address the weaknesses in the Standard Model of particle physics.  The theory suggests that each fundamental particle has a partner "super-particle" that can only be observed at very high energies.  

My PhD thesis is titled "A search for supersymmetric phenomena in final states with high jet multiplicity at the ATLAS detector".



Worked on a supersymmetry search involving a very large number of jets.  Collaborated primarily with the Oxford high-energy physics department.  Completed PhD Spring 2017.



Worked with the Stanford high-energy physics department and SLAC national lab, researching optimization and application of jet algorithms. 



As a part of the Pixel detector team, tested and validated the innermost part of the ATLAS detector prior to its Run-2 installation.


Columbia University

Taught a variety of courses including advanced undergraduate engineering lab.  Completed MSci, began research supervised by Emlyn Hughes (PhD completed 2017). 


Perimeter Institute

As a member of the second class of Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) I completed an intensive theoretical physics masters.


Yale University

BS in physics (honors track).  Senior thesis: di-hadron correlations at RHIC.  Winner of the Yale Deforest Pioneers Prize "for distinguished creative achievement in physics"



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